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Solariums have proven beneficial at improving the condition and performance of your horse. Heat from the infra-red lights penetrates the skin to warm the horse’s underlying muscle tissue. The Solarium can be used before work, after work and as a rehabilitation and injury prevention treatment.

Benefits of the Solarium:

  • stimulate blood flow
  • improve circulation
  • improve muscle elasticity
  • reduce injury

As a Rehabilitation Therapy, helps:

  • reduce back pain
  • reduce joint stiffness
  • reduce muscle fatigue and/or muscle spasms

An increase in blood circulation improves muscle elasticity and aids in the recovery and reduction of injuries. The generated heat produced by the Solarium increases the rate in which the muscles can absorb blood sugars and expel lactic acids.

The solarium lights are also often used to dry a horse quickly and effectively after bathing or aquatic therapy.

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