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Manor D'or is pleased to announce that we have successfully commissioned our Equine Hydrotherapy Spa and it has been a resounding success. Equine Hydrotherapy Spa treatments are beneficial in aiding injury prevention, pre and post competition treatment and increasing mobility.

Hydrotherapy Spa treatments are beneficial in treating:

  • Tendonitis - Injury to Superficial digital flexor, Check ligament, Deep digital flexor
  • Desmitis - Suspensory strain or tear
  • Arthritis - Injury to Fetlock and pastern, Knee and hock, coffin joint
  • Hoof Injuries - Over reach, Abscesses, Stone Bruise, Corns, Laminitis or Founder, Thrush, Nail Prick
  • Shin Splints - Sore shins, Bucked shins
  • Jar Up - Bruising
  • Bursitis / Synovitis - Swollen joints, Wind galls or wind puffs
  • Open wound and skin infections - Dermatitis, Greasy heel / Mud Fever / Rain Scald

The main properties and benefits of a Hydrotherapy Spa:

1. Temperature - cool water reduces swelling

The temperature of the water is consistently between 2 and 4 deg cel. This is vital for halting further fibre deterioration. The cold water reduces swelling by making the blood vessels constrict, therefore flushing out excess fluid/blood.
When the horse comes out of the spa the blood vessels then dilate, causing a rush of fresh bloods rich in nutrients and oxygen, to the affected area, accelerating the healing process and increasing circulation around the body.

2. Salt Concentration - draws out bruising and infection

The water contains sodium chloride (table salt) and magnesium salts (Epsom salts). The same amount as found in sea water. This is of great benefit for drawing out bruising and infection as it acts as a poultice. It also has a natural healing effect on wounds.

3. Aeration and Jets - massage effect stimulates circulation

The spa also has 2 air jets which helps to dissolve oxygen into the water to help reach the bloodsteam more efficiently thus maximising the tissues uptake of oxygen accelerating the healing process. The jets also have a massage effect on the limbs, which helps to stimulate the circulation and dispersing swelling.

4. Depth of Water - adjusts to height of injury

The depth of the water in the spa is determined by the position of the injury. The spa session will last around 20 minutes. Horses can be brought to the spa daily or can stay for a concentrated therapy plan.

Note: The padded back strap has a quick release buckle on it, should it be necessary to get a horse out in a hurry.

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